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From the get-go! We quickly Realised that you may not have access to a designer... Or, in fact… You may not be able to design Facebook advert graphics yourself.

So, I decided to work with my very own designer I employ to give you the EXACT graphics you need, which cover ALL the most lucrative seasons, and the most popular niches.  You will get a full range of colour schemes, styles, subjects & more!

The best part?

They’re FULLY compatible with all the leading Graphics apps (such as Photoshop or Pixlr)... so you can change the text and images to whatever you desire.

I want to help you get maximum conversions, sales and optins! So, this is a sure-fire way to ensure that!


(Save Yourself EVEN MORE Time, Money & Stress

We all know that not everyone has the time, the patience or the experience like us, Here at SSS to create, test and trial nurture emails to turn your subscribers into Rabid buyers who love you like no other!

Nor, do they have the time and expertise to put together an animation series to convert buyers in to repeat buyers.

Creating email sequences that convert and persuade is hard work… and if you don’t know what you're doing, you will get quickly start to get unsubscribes and spam complaints... which can irreparably damage all your hard work overnight.

We’re providing you with a series of pre-written “Fill-In-The-Blanks” emails that will bring your list to life with loyal followers, hungry customers and sometimes even friends!

This series of fully customizable email sequences is made to convert. It’s a fact. We’ve tried and tested them and used our conversion skills to tweak them help you even more!

They’re written by a Highly Paid Copywriter with a 5 year history of ghost writing for successful authoritative figures… in both the IM and Health niches.

This Is The “Secret Combination” For Unlocking The Hidden Income In Your FB Ads Campaigns. So You Can...

Create Multi-Million Dollar Email and Ads Funnels!

To focus in on just one of these email campaigns...

Here’s what our friends over at have to say about lead nurturing…

“Lead Nurturing is the process of building a relationship with your leads and moving them down your sales funnel until they are ready to become a customer.”

Social Sales System Lifetime + Enhancement Package

Did you know that…

  • On average, 50% of the leads in any system are not yet ready to buy Almost 80% of new leads never become sales Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost (Marketo).
  • Nurtured leads makes 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads
  • Effectively developing leads in today’s buyer-driven marketplace means establishing and nurturing buyer relationships with a strategic lead scoring system, and then filling out that framework with a thorough content marketing plan.

As you can see… This is something we’ve been working on to ensure you get the best out of your email campaigns here with us…

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4: Our Social Sales System 36 Page, Workbook

(Take your knowledge to the next level)

When it comes to using our system, you already will be given the knowledge within the training area, but our high quality 36page workbook is designed to help you run through the system, the advertising and use of the software as quickly as possible whilst not overloading you with information!

The book contains a Step-By-Step approach so you can quickly and easily master the whole social Sales System on your own …

It contains the essential information to help you get the best results out of using the SSS system.

Fill in the black emails so you can add our own emails to your new campaigns quickly and easily.

The whole process of creating the most effective ads and how to use these within FB to create your own  winning ad campaigns. The book is packed with winning ad examples to virtually guarantee your own campaigns will profit when combined with the SSS software and email sequences.

The Social Sales System workbook is designed to easily and quickly guide you through everything you need to know to create “Set And Forget” winning campaigns.

So YOU gain the essential skills you need, as you claim back your time and increase your profits at the same time.

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Here's a closer look at what the Social Sales System Manual can do for you.

The “Get me up to speed now” - “Fill In The Blanks” manual

Have a look at what's included in the Social Sales System manual, all designed to quickly get you on the path to making your ad campaigns pay:

In the Social Sales System Enhancement Package You Will Discover:

  • On page 6 of the Social Sales System workbook you'll get stuck into the exact strategy used to help businesses just like yours create killer sales funnels that crank out customers like clockwork.
  • On page 17 you will discover how to easily split your Facebook marketing into those three crucial segments we spoke about earlier: Lead Capture, Nurture to Sale, and Upselling Referrals.
  • On page 8-10 you’ll discover how to identify your ideal customer, to ensure your Facebook ads speak to them on a personal level.
  • You'll also see examples of successful Facebook ads that have made other marketers just like you a Million Dollar FB Sales Funnels and the resulting cold hard cash.
  • What sort of audience “Profit traits” to look out for that 96% of marketers are missing – so you “Tune in” quicker and get ahead (without all the expensive testing most marketers have to do) Page 4.
  • How to “read” what the target market really want – just like a hard core pro! (Stop wasting money and time sending info they will click away or ignore). Video 2 – 3.67.
  • How to use “Super difficult Insights” to your advantage – to gain speed over your old systems and get profiting up to 3 x faster. (This way you can bypass even the FB ad pro's and slice days off the time you start to see the cash roll in). Page 17.
  • How to use the simple “psychographic alignment tactics” on your audience targeting strategy to keep your click rate at peak levels and your CPC down.... and finally be the MASTER of your ads campaigns. (Easy when you see how overlooked techniques and better targeting take the stress out of “Fighting” with your ads editor). Video 6 - 4.33
  • How to use a completely limited budget to your full advantage (This previously disadvantaged circumstance can now be reversed to YOUR GAIN using the “movie star attribution window insights” technique) Page 21.
  • A “Lazy Mans” ad setup technique that's so simple, you can master huge profitable campaigns... then watch the profits roll in... whist watching TV! Pages 1 – 27.
  • The “high-grade” way to legally steal ideas from the best competition if you want to learn the art and craft of “email nurture” as fast as humanly possible. (Without spending a single penny on any books, courses or seminars.) Page 31.

What Our Customers Say...

“The Social Sales System – as far as I know – is the ONLY system in the world that provides you with the tools to take previously painful tasks – such as setting up and automating profitable FB ad Funnel campaigns... and create new “twists” to them that are so innovative... so amazingly simple (You'll never feel awkward or have trouble mastering any of it)

- - Joe Carelle

“This could just be the easiest, most solid, and most “hands free” FB ads marketing system on the planet. I was up and running within a single day and am seeing triple the results already”

- - Adam 'Affiliate Marketer' Blake

“These resouces are like loading your Ads campaigns with “Intelligence”... so, without conscious effort, you can perform amazingly advanced procedures strait into your autoresponder in an incredibly short time. (The result is a shortcut in your “profit siphon” - which means  you can achieve heightened income levels in hours what others need YEARS to master).”

- - Helena Scott

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